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If this sounds like you, then you’ve landed in the right place!

Hi there, thanks for dropping by. I’m Huw, a relaxed documentary wedding photographer based in North Wales. 

I believe that the most important thing in life is to be unequivocally you. That’s why I shoot with a documentary wedding photography style. 

I don’t pose or direct my wedding photography, instead I candidly capture the day as it unfolds. Of course, I’m happy to chat with your guests but my goal is to create images that evoke your natural emotions – because they’re the pictures that’ll make you catch your breath.

Wedding photography that gives you more time to party!

The great thing about documentary wedding photography is that it makes the day truly yours.

You can avoid the awkward poses and hours waiting around for group photos (Uhm, while your guests eat all the nibbles and have fun). Your whole day is spent celebrating with your friends and family.

The result is a stunning series of natural, untainted images that tell the story of your day from your guests perspective. It also means I can capture moments that you would have otherwise missed.

The black and white of it all

I am a big believer that black and white shots add a whole new dimension to capturing those special moments. There’s something deep and meaningful about this style of photography that just captures the essence of a moment in its purest form. You with me?

Black and white photos bring a whole new perspective to your photos.

Without the distraction of colour, the focus gets shifted entirely to the subject itself. It’s like the emotions and the story behind the photograph become more powerful.

If you are a lover of black and white wedding photography then get in touch and let’s chat.

Black And White Wedding Photography
Black And White Documentary Wedding-Photography HPJ
HPJ Black And White Wedding Photography

Let’s see if we’re the perfect match

Choosing the right wedding photographer is tough and I know it’s a big investment in your memories. 

Loving a photographer’s work is a great start but you also need to feel comfortable and relaxed in their company. That’s why I suggest we meet before we make any plans, so you can see if we have the right vibe for you and your special day.