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Family photos with a difference

Being a Pawrent myself, I know as well as any dog owner that our pooches are more than just pets. They’re cherished family members, loyal companions, and an endless source of love.

I’m a dog photographer based near Mold in North Wales helping to capture the paw-fect relationship between you and your furry friend.

Preserve the memories

Booking a photoshoot for your dog is an investment in preserving memories, celebrating your bond, and creating beautiful art. It’s a way to capture your dog’s unique personality and relationship and to cherish your furry friend and the precious moments you share.

As much as we wish they could, our dogs don’t stay with us forever. A photoshoot will preserve their legacy and give you a way to remember them long after they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge. The images become a tribute to the joy they brought into your life.

A dog photoshoot is a really fun day that I know you’ll both love. It’s an adventure, a bonding opportunity, and a chance to create fun and lasting memories with your dog.

How it works

I believe that dogs are happiest when they can simply be dogs so during your dog photography session, I’ll blend posed shots with magical candid moments.

I might entice playful expressions with treats and toys, or capture the genuine connection between you and your four-legged family member.

What’s included?

All dog photography packages include a secure digital gallery of the best images from the shoot. You’ll be able to download and share the gallery directly with your friends and family. 

Your gallery also comes with an online shop, where you can select and purchase beautiful albums, prints and frames.

The packages

90-Minute Photoshoot in a Local Country Park or Forest

(within 20 miles of Mold, Flintshire)


Step into the serene beauty of a local country park or forest for a 90-minute photoshoot that captures the natural charm of your dog. Whether your furry companion is a free spirit or a poised poser, we’ll seize those moments to create cherished memories.

Extended Shoot of Up to 3 Hours - Sharing a Countryside Walk

(within 20 miles of Mold, Flintshire)


For an extended adventure, join us on a countryside walk lasting up to three hours. Together, we’ll explore local landscapes, allowing your dog to be themselves while we document every step. This immersive experience results in a diverse collection of images that truly represent your dog’s character.

'Day in the Life' Style Shoot in the Mountains


Elevate your story with a ‘Day in the Life’ style shoot for both you and your companion, set against the stunning backdrop of the mountains in Snowdonia. This experience captures the essence of your dog’s adventure from start to finish. It’s a unique and authentic experience that reveals the true spirit of your canine friend while enjoying the peace and tranquillity of altitude. This package will be bespoke, so get in touch so we can discuss our adventure and give you a quote for the experience.

Ready to book

Ready to emBARK on this photographic journey with your dog (sorry, love a dad joke)? 

Whether you’re interested in a short and sweet dog photoshoot, an extended countryside walk, or a mountain adventure, let’s make it happen.

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